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So I think this thing is over, who knows the child with yellow paw on the roof gently touched his face, and then heard a crackling sound, I turned, saw three lame hand lashed force his face, as if now they have enemies like Kate too, about what ruthless than see people getting scared, and pretty soon, that was cut in the face with the dude got like yourself." Then, to my grandmother and see "Jiao Long ah, three lame it he put this to you? " I shook my head, then remember a more serious matter, some worry the opening, "he does in the mountains, I took a stone hit his head, and grandmother, you'd better go and see the mountains, do not let me killed. new bills jerseys china "Yes ah, Huijuan children Ku Cheng, is not pulling the urine, you look, he would not say ah. Tracy's husband also ignorant side, watching the grandmother "Ma aunt, this, this is good yet. "This . new Avalanche jersey " "What is the city of the country, are the same people, in fact, you see them wearing Shuiguang slippery, not necessarily the day we had comfortable, stop, my car parked at the side of it, I will send you to the hotel rest, then take you to eat delicious ah." "Johnson came back with a dragon to the county to see Huijuan it, how long the child has not seen her parents, and you say this Huijuan ruthless heart, Why do not you come back to see if the child does. grandmother, how do you .

" Then scratched my hand "Jiao Long, this is your Aunt, that soul sister's sister. I do not know what that means to die, just know it's not a good word, anyway, I know not wait to see my grandmother." Because I did not think children will be sudden, such a big thing, watching grandmother "Grandma, three lame it will not come again. " "Is not the urine, ah. "Nothing, aunt is timid. "Look, Jojo like it, go aunt, we do not spend money, take the money my boyfriend!" Soul said, pulling me into the elevator with her grandmother. new baltimore ravens jerseys " "Ma aunt ah, three lame Shaa bring you home.

How about you!" Dad would not let grandma tangled in place, directly took grandmother's bag, took us to his parked car and walked directly to the good." Enliaoyisheng grandmother, hold me, my mom wanted a few words, but looked at the mother's eyes despise sighed and left." Or phrase, sure enough, the doctor looked at the face of grandmother ignorant "Aunt ah, you say how you know on the line, how do you know that Aunt legs starting to spray the wine, ah, a spray will be better. "Old woman, this is what you mean ah !!" Grandpa Grandma's move is to get the ignorant, stand in the yard directed grandmother shouted." "Johnson is a dragon? You mean, she . new bills jerseys madden My grandfather came in from the yard, watching the grandmother, "the old woman, you are ready for something, it is necessary to go to the provincial capital with Jiao Long ah." I carefully looked at him, this child looks really nice, this moment, I'd very curious about the hole thing, but in the end he was concerned about someone's child, our little village, some people just do not recognize will mix Lianshu, but the child I used to, but did not register, he in the end is where ah.