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After school I started the biggest change is sensible, and some of the words in my grandmother no longer held here, I began to have gender awareness, more and more like a boy. I chills, Listening to the baby's crying, suddenly have a bad feeling. nba wholesale jerseys paypal " I was stunned, "Grandma, we are not to follow the soul sister go with it, the car seat. " Mind aunt nodded, looked at me, "Jojo, sister to check you all right, we come to the hospital to see the doctor is, you have to check the body, you do not want Zhuoshu Shu to you, then give you a sister optimistic about it." "Good for nothing! You're young yet, and say you are the only one in the village had to learn to read in town, Zeneng become so!" Grandma said, directly into the back room of their home, he looked at four "Fengxia the things you gave burn you. Finally, I also looked at Grandpa sighed, his mouth kept repeating the phrase "child big help your mother ah." Until the train, I was still in shock that were at home watching TV, I also saw the car, ah, ah nice buildings, busy streets or anything, but always felt that people live on TV is fabricated.

" Yun my mind behind my aunt looked inside, Zhuo scene lying on the couch, his eyes tightly shut, but his face pimple Liangliang still a little bit older. " I looked up at the grandmother, I think she said no, I did not go to town a few times, but I also want to remember than Granny Road, the city several times I told her, she could not find, or I took it away , when I wandered over, the child was not born yesterday. "Three lame, you give me let go !!!" Grandma with grandpa anxious voice is in my ears. " Grandma kissed me one, "Johnson dragon ah, you do not want to be a boy, how they are looking for a boyfriend friends. " I stared at her, "You mean you want to take your mother with you die?" This is like a dream that the child told me the same ah." I stayed beside her grandmother, and my heart has been some anxiety, I think grandma with my parents together, as if he gave his identity reduced length, and I feel things can not blame aunt grandmother, so the attitude of the mother is very angry.

" Grandma in the back opening cold. " I think this soul sister say people listening quite comfortable, but she looks also good to see, that weak, Wen Wen quiet, was wearing rimless glasses, looks very cultural conservation, but also the name nice, mind. nba wholesale jerseys china "Martha aunt, I heard my brother in your home scared ah, today I went to see him and found him gnaw Magic Magic breathed it. nba women s jerseys " I feel like I suddenly thought of something, he opened his mouth, "basking, you're not taking me back to the city without it, I do together with my mother, she does not like me, ah, I keep up with you what!" Grandma nodded. nba wholesale jerseys free shipping Tracy's grandmother saw a man, "Give me a cigarette. I have been wondering mom and dad at home so why not wait to see grandma, grandma because in the village, but a prestigious, if there is someone Diansha thing have come to help her grandmother, duck and goose dog what's to come as long lost grandmother in all likelihood can get it back.