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I am not a bad person, do not be afraid. Fortunately, we have not yet really winter, not cold with fear." Then I turned around and found the power switch, and then turned on the light . New Nets jerseys from china " Voice even colder than the night, I was bleeding at heart cold. New Nets jerseys for women " Luanxiang moment did not dare to see chaos, I put things into the kitchen to put on the table. I only eat when the New Year back home to her mother do the dishes, or called out meals or eat a quick meal, now felt far from happy. Back to the living room, I turned off the light, covered with blankets tired put myself throw on the couch." The kits packed, I wander out, the girl behind me: "! Hey," I was shocked, hands medicine cabinet almost fell to the ground, turned around:? "Call me what I do is when also called fed? " "I'm sorry. . New Nets jerseys for sale

I feel an instant he had plunged into a whirlpool of unpredictable, maybe from last night I took her back have been doomed all of this, but this will have to wait for what I would be, I know nothing. "You be careful, do not move the wound can be. Intention is to invite him over, but he was too late to say, first aid at the scene to teach me the phone can be resolved. New Nets jerseys for men Who will be this time? I looked at each other with snow, the atmosphere suddenly became cold suddenly, the doorbell quiet moment, nobody is going to come on again rang. I froze for a long time and carefully asked: "? I ask, is not need help. Even I do not know: I was to go home with a malignant tumor. I just rummage about body stuff, except for a few coins are not, as if identity cards are not. It clean, I found clothes make the man and the dog by Mao suit, clean it imported foreign goods than those raised pet nobility came difference.

My thoughts intricate, folded hands, I sat next to the girl, thought or said:? "Such a thing is not, or we go to the police to see it maybe they can help busy, know your identity, You may also be able to find your family - "" no, I do not go! "the girl refuses to very decisive, not just askew innocent lovely face, even in her chin trembling." I touched the forehead also slightly hurt, the girl pulled up a chair and sat down across from her. He came close to the house twenty-four hours convenience stores, since that night, I know it has a deeper emotion." I took a kitchen knife is preparing vegetable, almost cut my finger. "I returned to the kitchen rummaging, brandish the disc, move out of milk, bread, butter, we get from banging breakfast. Small two gilded tongue to lick the snow, nestled in the snow to find her mother's arms as the same - small second, fear of life, I have never seen such a small two pairs of strangers affectionate, even I also sometimes tepid hot. Her warm cheek against my shoulder, issued a similar a tense breathing, so uneven, crystal clear, clear as yesterday, reminding us of scenes in the head. I feel at ease in the study continue to write something, and occasionally ran to see her deep sleep, still lying in the original position, almost never moving over the body.