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spawned numerous problems, without any clue, unless she is awake, otherwise there is no otherwise. I put her back back cell, security and saw me come in from the outside. New Nets jerseys for kids . It seems to flow for a long time, I careless, not to pay attention. - Blood from the back of her head, the whole pillow all wet with blood. "That I can tell you DEAR do, with that as petit China?" "Ah?" A little too close, and I labored to restrain the surging waves of the chest, sad that constantly. New Nets jerseys custom " Girl trance hand crowded temples close your eyes. Met a waiter, he came politely asked: "? I help you" "Uh -" I dragged a long tone, still did not dare to say: "Thank you, I look at myself. I do not know this girl experienced what happened, but certainly on the streets for several days.

Under the street light, I see her face, suddenly dumbfounded: Noodle hair under a Empress Dowager's face, her eyes skinny, wearing a loose sweater, age estimation and I summoned up the courage, about 20 up and down, from the dress look like a college student, it is her beautiful face tan. ********************* "Well, be careful, you can move to stop the wound." She put the book back, walked to the balcony, looking at the field of vision cloudless Shanghai Bund slim female extravagant scenery does not let her know think of something, I can not remember what." Snow holding her parent alive, "I remember it, I remember it's babe. I just stared at her face appeared that expression of pain again, and I was afraid she lost control again busy added: "Forget it, forget, or pains. "Why pinch yourself. Where, upstairs, downstairs neighbor, which should take care of me there is more thing, another day it. Do not worry, not a hospital. New Nets jerseys for cheap

But even remember it snow dog and know its name originally called Babe." She saw that my mind up? I put my face and try to make adjustments mood, trying to pretend a great pass diners, then stood up and walked into the kitchen. Small two gilded tongue to lick the snow, nestled in the snow to find her mother's arms as the same - small second, fear of life, I have never seen such a small two pairs of strangers affectionate, even I also sometimes tepid hot. Back to the living room, I turned off the light, covered with blankets tired put myself throw on the couch. and many more! Twelve? I stand suddenly rushed forward, went over, and then went over to face almost close to the pendulum clock, to see clearly: the hour with clearly coincide with the minute hand pointing to right above. I'm afraid to touch her bleeding wound will split again, only as carefully took her back to bed, tuck tuck the quilt cover for her - I did not expect at this time horizon has quietly pulls out a gray dawn. I'm not skilled are bold Arts, by going slowly towards it. I sincerely feel scared to retention, accelerate the pace trotted rushed into the cell. Her warm cheek against my shoulder, issued a similar a tense breathing, so uneven, crystal clear, clear as yesterday, reminding us of scenes in the head.